It's been a while since I posted a build, glad to be back! I quickly want to thank the people on the official PCPP Discord for some assistance with building this build after running into a few issues. Every part in this computer is used, except for the thermal paste. Never reuse thermal paste.

This build is for a friend who helped me grow a garden last year. I decided that I wanted to grow a garden again this year, and to pay them for their time, I would upgrade the PC. The parts that I already had were the DDR3, the SSD and HDD, the GPU, and the two CRYORIG fans, from the old build. I bought the CPU, CPU cooler and Motherboard from my friends roommate as they were moving out of the country, and they gave me a good deal.

I got the Case, PSU, and the other Case Fans from Craigslist, where I made a good friend who sold me his like-new parts for a good price. He gave me the Rosewill Case fans for free, which really finished this build. The rosewill part numbers don't match what is installed, but it's what I could find on PCPP.

Now, the trouble I had with this build is I had a new CRYORIG R1 Ultimate CPU cooler on hand, and I wanted to use it in this case. It did fit, once the plastic was removed from the cooler, but then I still couldn't use the 140mm fans from it. Since I didn't like the brown Noctua fans, I changed them out for the newer CRYORIG 120mm fans, and that fit in the case just perfect.

This computer currently gets a 3Dmark Firestrike score of just under 10500, and that's with no overclock. I plan to overclock it as soon as I have some free time. It is used for some good 1080p High settings games, and a bit of art work.

Future upgrades are for either RGB LED Case Fans, or LED ambient lighting.

Part Reviews


It's not the 4690K, but it's still a very fast quad core CPU! still useful for 1080p games in 2019.

CPU Cooler

Fans are brown, but the heatsink is silver. I like a good looking product that functions well, and it doesn't do it for me in the appearance department.


Easily one of the best early UEFI motherboards made for overclocking. It doesn't have all the PCIE lanes and the M.2 slots of today's motherboards, but this thing is good and cheap!


Cheap, fast, and big enough for the OS. The free software is some of the best i've ever used to copy and move an OS from one drive to another. Will buy again.

Video Card

While the cooler is a bit lacking, it still serves it's purpose. It won't overclock very well, because of the poor cooler, but it is good at stock speeds for 1080p games in my experience.


A very beautiful and simple case design. The shroud over the PSU is very solid, and the front panel is easy to remove. The mesh dust filters are a bit thin, and the magnets securing the top panel mesh are very weak, but we will see if it gets bumped and killed by the cats.

Power Supply

Complete overkill, this thing can support a total of 4 GPU's. Good warranty, and if you can get it for a low price, an easy buy.

Case Fan

These are PWM fans, so they work well as the CPU heatsink fan in my testing. The rubber feet are attached well, but can be removed with a bit of work. Would buy again, easily.

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  • 10 months ago
  • 1 point

Why did you build it on the carpet TwT, Cool build tho :D

  • 10 months ago
  • 2 points

Everything was in the case at that point, except for the casefans. It's also very similar to the carpet that it will be siting on for the future. I'm glad you like the build :)